Inspiration for a new business can strike from anywhere. For the local entrepreneurs behind this new business, travel and adventure was in their DNA. Having enjoyed an epic European trip taking in 27 countries, the idea of making it easy for other free spirits to experience a campervan holiday was born. Marketing Zone was tasked with providing the website, design and business cards to ensure a successful launch.

Branding: What does adventure look like?

Marketing Zone explored different ideas to give the new company, ‘Campervan Adventures’, a distinct visual identity. From these initial concepts a strong brand look and feel was created. The logo puts a crisp graphic of a modern campervan at the heart of a Campervan Adventures visa stamp. Green and blue tones give the brand identity a fresh look, evocative of the great outdoors. The van is given a dynamic treatment with foreshortened shape as if moving forwards and appears to be nudging its way out of the logo ready to hit the open road.

Website: Visually appealing and practical

The bold design is reflected in the new company website Marketing Zone designed and built. It features specially sourced panoramic photographs to inspire would-be travellers, ready for their next adventure. The website was built using responsive design which means it works equally well regardless of whether its viewed from a mobile phone or a computer.

Campervan Adventures offer tailor-made campervan holidays including not just campervan hire and equipment, but also personalised itineraries, with advance bookings made for ferries and campsites along the way. Information about what’s on offer was provided by the business and is clearly laid out on the website. The website design makes it easy for customers to navigate around the information and make an enquiry.

Business cards: Making the most of every contact

Marketing Zone also designed and printed business cards which are an important aspect of marketing for this new business launch. They use the new brand identity and design style, as well as a simplified graphic device. This shows a campervan following a marked route through multiple locations to visualise the provision of bespoke itineraries, which is an important part of the service.

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