Replenish and Reuse Buntingford - Zero Waste ShopIn Marketing Zone’s hometown of Buntingford, Hertfordshire, there is a new shop on the high street. It’s a zero waste grocery store, with the apt brand name of Replenish & Reuse. Not only is this ‘refill your container’ concept a superb retail idea, it’s an opportunity for us all to flex our green muscles and buy locally without the wasteful packaging. We’re glad to have developed the brand’s distinctive design identity and be working on the shop’s website.

With grocery brands and supermarkets still only taking tentative steps to reduce their packaging, this new Buntingford business cuts right through and joins over 100 new zero waste stores dotted around the country that make it easy for shoppers to help our environment.

Logo design

The inspirational business owner had a clear vision in mind. Designs that they had previously been considering, didn’t fully match up to their vision. Then Marketing Zone was commissioned to find a new look and feel that communicated the business idea with impact.

The design process involves generating different potential solutions. The relative merits of each design are then reviewed with the business. Their preferred identity is refined and adopted for different channels such as the website. In this case, the business owner chose to develop the shop signage themselves using the preferred design.

New website

Marketing Zone has carried the logo design through to the design of the shop’s website with a fresh, light touch. The website has been written by the business owner and provides a warm and friendly introduction to the ethos of the business. It explains why the owner felt they had to be part of the environmental change they wanted to see.

Marketing help for your business

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