Brand and product naming

Spark the connection with customers

We’ve developed a bespoke approach to the naming process – the Ignition method. Using it ensures we create and synthesise names that are attractive to your audience. Strong names are the first step in creating and building a distinctive brand identity.

With the right name potential customers have an immediate and positive impression.

Branding and product namingBy exploring themes related to the product and the market, we can spark off the creative process. Customer benefits are often a starting point for brand names. We explore alternative names from descriptive terms and mnemonics to synoptic and synthesized names that encapsulate the essence of the brand in a perfectly balanced name. Brand and product names resonate with customers and allow you to build valuable trade marks.

Products we’ve named

  • Acoustic tiles: Sensonic
  • Manufacturing process: Thermofusion™ Technology
  • Optical lens:UltraSight™
  • Friendly Society: Airline Benefits Society
  • Sunglasses Collection: From HyperZX for sports’ sunglasses to Park Lane for Fashion