With the competition for business heating up in the world of probate, Valued Estates needed a new website to give them the edge. So they came to Marketing Zone.

Their original website was useful and provided their potential customers with lots of information. Almost too much. When researching the website, we noticed that by offering detailed facts about the steps of probate, customers could nearly take on the process of probate administration themselves. But our goal was to increase the level of enquires for the company, so they could take on that service for their customers.

Valued Estates

To solve this, we produced refreshed copy that was informative and engaging, and encouraged visitors to call Valued Estates for more information. By creating a sympathetic tone and emphasising the hassle free service, potential customers are seeing the benefits of accepting professional probate advice.

As part of their website development, we created a new design. We’re now incorporating this into their print materials. And by managing their on-page search engine optimisation, Marketing Zone has achieved first page Google rankings and a professional new look for them.