Get a mobile compatible website with our marketing agencyWith a third of adults using smart phones to access the internet, it’s more important that ever that your website is smart phone compatible. When a potential customer visits your website from their smart phone, it’d be a positive customer experience if they’re offered the choice to either stay on your existing site, or to be quickly transferred to a more ‘mobile friendly’ version.

Mobile compatible websites use detailed software codes which recognise which device is being used to view your website, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC or other format. The mobile compatible site will be a more user friendly version of your existing site, with a simplified navigation and graphics to make it clearer for customers to access certain pages of your site. The code will also adapt your website to the screen size of the tablet or smart phone so the user has a full image rather than having to zoom in or scroll across the page.

As good examples, take a look at the Marketing Zone, Tesco or the BBC website through a smart phone or tablet.

Marketing Zone can develop a simple 5 page mobile website that will give your business a mobile presence, and help increase enquiries through the mobile web.

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