Tone of voice is essential – free guide to download web design agency hertfordshireAs a copywriter, I could be considered a little bias when it comes to championing good copy! But tone of voice is essential in the way you engage with your customers so I’m going to shout about it from the roof tops.

The Marketer says, tone of has finally appeared to the check lists of many marketers’. So why now? Well, you talk to your customers and potential customers through the channels of social media, brochures, websites, meetings and advertising every day. So the way that you communicate with them needs to be consistent and representative of the image you want your business to convey. If it isn’t, your message will be mixed and will dilute the importance of what you’re saying.

There will be many messages that you want your customers to hear, and to get it right your tone of voice has to reflect what your business stands for. It’s not enough just to take a ‘formal or casual’ tone,’ if you want your business to stand out, then you need to concentrate on how you’re delivering your message.

The best brands make their tone part of their thinking right from the start. If you’re ready to let your voice do the talking and elevate your business, read our guide for top tips on writing good copy, and get in touch to see how we can help.