What do your corporate colours say about your brand? marketing agency hertfordshireEvery business and brand needs a memorable identity. We help organisations review and develop existing corporate brands and create identities for new ventures. From logo design to brand guidelines, we understand how to capture the essence of what makes your company different and better.

One of the first elements we might discuss is the choice of corporate colours you’re currently using, or thinking of using. Colour can say a lot about a company. It’s as important as the tone of voice you use and the people that work for you. So it needs serious consideration.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking, and we can help further if you give us a call.

  • Grey – elegance, humility, respect, stability, wisdom
  • White – purity, peace, innocence, simplicity
  • Black – modern, power, elegance, sophistication
  • Red – passion, strength, energy, love, speed
  • Blue – calmness, reliability, confidence, conservatism
  • Green – nature, good luck, vigour, generosity
  • Yellow – happiness, optimism, intelligence, idealism
  • Purple – spirituality, creativity, royalty, wisdom
  • Orange – balance, enthusiasm, flamboyance
  • Brown – richness, stability, depth
  • Pink – gratitude, admiration, femininity, health.