As your organisation develops its business plans, the chances are that you use marketing tools and strategies to plan for the future. What we’d like to know is which tool or model you use and find the most valuable?

For example, when looking at the revenue of your company, do you look at customer sales over the long term, not just their immediate product sales, to judge their value? If you do, then perhaps it’s the Customer Lifetime Value model which assesses the monetary worth of customers that’s useful. Or if your business relies on customers to verbally recommend your product then perhaps the Loyalty Ladder model is a useful tool.

Whichever it is, we’d like you to tell us in a poll that we’re running to celebrate The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary. Over the next six months, this national poll will show which model from the last 100 years voters think is the most valuable to today’s businesses.

We’d love to hear what you think. So join the debate, get voting and spread the word!