social mediaAlmost half of small and medium businesses in England use social media as part of their marketing. This is the finding of a 2015 survey by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Top 3 social media platforms

Whilst there are many, many different platforms from Instagram to Medium and Pinterest, for most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) there are three which are more important than the rest:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter

Marketing on social media goes beyond simply having a presence online, with a static company profile. In total, 32% of SMEs use Facebook to promote their business while 28% of SMEs have a profile on Facebook. With LinkedIn, 29% of SMEs promote their business on LinkedIn while 18% have a company profile.

Reasons SMEs in England use social media

  • 91% promote goods and services
  • 81% provide details so customers can contact them
  • 29% sell online so customers can buy goods or services directly

Why does social media matter?

Quite simply businesses need to be where their customers are. Otherwise you’re invisible.

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