We all know blogging is a good thing. The news you post adds depth to your website. It pushes you up the search rankings. It drives visitors to your website. Then it helps to generate leads. So that’s all good. But what types of blogs should you write. Here are 7 sure fire formats to help you beat writer’s block.


1.     Showcase before and after photos

If your products and services make a visual difference, this is a great blog format. Before and after images work well for businesses like construction, interiors, fashion, hair and beauty. This post for Jo Morden Hair Design shows how powerful this approach can be.

Jo Morden Hair Design


2.     Put people in the spotlight

People are interested in people. The format of a photo with a short story will grab attention. It could be a customer’s story, a day in the life of an employee or an interview with a member of your association. The Chartered Institute of Marketing in London, regularly profiles members as it’s a popular format.

CIM GLR Revill


3.     Post something quirky, charming or fun

Whilst we’re all serious about our businesses, it’s good to share a joke or two. So long as you keep it clean, a light-hearted look at the industry can raise a welcome smile. Professional signage company Indepth Sign Design has got the right idea.

Indepth Sign Design


4.     Create a list. We all love lists

It must be something in our DNA, but a good list has near-universal appeal. The headline has the power to grab attention. Lists might be ‘do’s and don’ts’, procurement tips or ‘good reasons to start your project now’. It’s a blog format we use successfully in the mix here at Marketing Zone, take a look.

Marketing Zone list


5.     Publish the facts

A news digest about something that’s dear to your customers’ hearts can make a great blog post. Write it so it works for those who skim-read, as well as those who read in full, with headings that pick out the highlights. For Chartered Accountants, Tarrant Green & Co, factual updates about tax, the economy and raising finance work well.

Tarrant Green

6.     Tell a personal story

It’s all very well explaining what you offer and what you do. But it isn’t always that inspiring. But a personal story about your journey through life, or the tribulations of setting up in business or securing that ethical supplier you needed, are inspiring. For AC Integration who help senior professionals step up to leadership, this blog story is very apt.

AC Integration

7.     Make the poster a post

Sometimes the poster or flyer you’ve already created for your product or event says it all. So it makes sense to share it online. In the Hertfordshire town of Buntingford, the annual Classic Car Show gained promotion on the Chamber of Commerce blog, by posting its poster.

Buntingford Chamber of Commerce


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