At Marketing Zone, we understand how important it is to build strong brands that support your business goals. From a strategic brand review and brand development to corporate identity and logo design, we will bring your brand to life. One of the critical decisions our designers will take is the type of font to use for your company’s identity, because it sets the tone for your product and needs to be easily readable on print and in digital.

Serif or sans serif?
There are many font choices available. A fundamental choice is between a serif or sans serif font, depending on what you want your brand to represent. What’s the difference? Take a look.


  • Serif – each letter in a serif font has ‘little feet’ on each character, such as in Times New Roman and Georgia. Serif fonts can help when reading long blocks of text, as the feet guide your eye from one character to the next. This type of font is classic, timeless and makes your business look established. Dove uses a serif font.
  • Sans serif – is a font without these extra feet, such as Arial or Helvetica. Sans serif fonts are contemporary and make your business look modern. Sans serif typefaces are best for shorter pieces, such as headlines on websites and exhibition signs. Brands such as BMW, Caterpillar and Panasonic use sans serif font Helvetica.

Font styles and typefaces are one element of creating a logo and corporate identity for your business, to find out more get in touch.