If you receive a personalised email, does it make you more likely to read it? Does ‘Dear Tom’ engage more with you than ‘Dear Mr Smith’ or ‘Dear Customer.’ How does it make a difference?

Recent studies show that personalised marketing campaigns are making an impact with customers who want an individual brand experience. It’s thought that marketers can make consumers feel that extra bit special when personalising their campaigns, and that rewards come with the personal touch.

Certainly when you belong to a membership organisation or are a regular customer that receiving an email with just ‘Dear Customer’ wouldn’t make you feel very welcome. So how would it work for your business?

The software that Marketing Zone selects for its email marketing campaigns allows us to test open rates and response rates depending on its content. For example, a personalised heading could be tested against a non-personalised one. And we would analyse the results and give our recommendations. You’d then have a full picture of what might work better for your business.

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