Marketing Zone is a busy agency. There’s always another website to develop, a proposal to finish or some freshly designed logos ready to present to a client. But we don’t spend our days in business as usual mode. We like to do that little bit extra. A good way to meet people, talk about what we do and get feedback is to hold an event at The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Mark, our Managing Director, and Dee, our Communications Director, are Chartered Marketers and active members of The Institute. Not only is The Chartered Institute of Marketing a source of qualifications and training in marketing, it offers opportunities for marketers to exchange ideas and develop professionally. They also offer guidance on selecting and briefing an agency.

Our event was called How to brief an agency – the story of Polaroid Eyewear and Marketing Zone. Our goal was to develop a presentation that was interesting, interactive and inspiring. Briefing an agency can be a huge challenge and marketers need to adapt quickly to changing priorities. For us, effective communications and strong relationships are key starting points. They’re the foundation for the strategies behind successful integrated campaigns, and good communications in general. Polaroid Eyewear is a great example of a brand that started from nothing – and with the right integrated campaign, quickly gained momentum among trade partners and consumers.