Brochure design Jubilee celebrations in Buntingford with Marketing ZoneTo celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, Buntingford will be hosting a Medieval Street Party and Market on Monday 4 June in the High Street. And we’re looking forward to going as we’ve been helping out with the preparations.

If you’re local to the town, you might have seen the flyers in the shop windows and the banners along the roadside on Market Hill and by the Co-op. That’s our creation as we’ve been volunteering for Buntingford Chamber of Commerce to create the design for the event. We also created the logo for the event which has been printed onto special mugs for the occasion. Plus we developed the Buntingford Jubilee website where you can see the latest news and schedule for the day.

Jubilee celebrations in Buntingford with Marketing Zone

There will be plenty of food and entertainment laid on, including the Swords of Chivalry medieval tournament in Layston Gardens. It’s going to be a fantastic day of celebrations and we’re looking forward to seeing our town decked out in traditional red, white and blue bunting!