You have a blog. That’s great. Regular news will show potential customers that you are up to date. The depth of topics will be reflected in search engine rankings, helping your business to be found. So far so good. But does your blog work well alongside your twitter, facebook or LinkedIn accounts?

If you are spending time to create news stories on your blog without re-purposing those stories, for social media and email, then you’re missing a trick.

Have you mastered this trick?

MZBlogTake look at your blog posts. See which topics get the most views in Google Analytics. Then rework hot topics for social media.

Divide and tweet…or post on facebook

Breakdown your blog post into individual elements for social media. Take this recent blog post for Marketing Zone – it’s a popular style of blog post that provides a list. In this case it’s a list of ways to raise funds for your marketing activity. There are 7 sources of marketing money featured so that’s at least 7 different things that would each make a great tweet or facebook post!

Schedule these mini-topics for sharing on twitter and facebook. Naturally, you’ll need to adapt the format. Don’t forget to use an image, as this has a positive impact on customer response. You can link back to the blog on your website or to other relevant pages of your website.

Remember you can post/tweet each topic more than once. A ‘Did you see..?’ message or two works well provided that you leave enough time between the repeated messages and the information is still relevant.

Publish on LinkedIn

Share the blog post on LinkedIn. Create a new and equally interesting title.

You can either put together an introduction to the story of around 50 words. Then include a link to your original blog post.

Or you can post the entire story on linked in with a re-purposed headline.

Collate blog posts for an email newsletter

Your customers won’t necessarily have seen your blog news. So as well as sharing the content on social media, it’s usually a good idea to select 3 to 7 stories and provide a news roundup on a regular basis. Email this to customers and prospects as a newsletter. Here you are simply introducing each news story with a link to each blog post on your website for the full story. Your introduction may simply be the first couple of sentences of your original articles – or you might want to add a new spin. Remember that an image with each story will bring it to life. For one of our customers, 90% of the visitors to their website blog come from their email newsletter, with a huge spike in visits on the day that the email newsletter goes out. It can be that important.

With your blog posts reworked and reposted across social media you’re making your marketing communications much more effective. Don’t forget to measure the impact, for example on Google Analytics, to see what’s worked best.

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