Are you in need of a little inspiration? If your brand’s crying out for a blast of fresh air, we might have just the ticket.

No matter what your budget allows, there’s always a way to inject new life into a marketing campaign. And as we head into 2012, how’s these for starters. Whether you’re looking to spend just £34 or if you have millions to spare, both of these demand attention, and make you ask ‘now who is that?’

Morph suits – the costume phenomenon
If you’re looking to take part in field marketing as part of your campaign, a morph suit is sure to make people stop and take notice. Dressed head to foot in breathable spandex, your marketing team would attract a lot of attention leafleting business parks with your promotional flyers. It’s a great way to create a stir!

Is it a limo, is it a yacht?
You can be unmissable, in a private exclusive kind of way. If money is no object, we can all dream can’t we, for those with a spare £132 million, how about a yacht shaped like a limo? Take a look!