Research paper #SMBenchmark shows which social media sites are the most popular - marketing agencyThe Social Media Benchmark is a six-monthly piece of research from The Chartered Institute of Marketing which monitors how marketers using social media. The first set of results was published in February 2012, and last week I attended an event to see the second round of updated results being presented at the Bloomberg offices in London.

It was interesting to take part in the discussions and useful to hear the opinions of Tesco’s Group Marketing and Chief Digital Officer, Microsoft’s UK CMO and the global CMO of Clifford Chance on stage answering our questions.

With so many social media platforms to engage with it’s up to us experts to guide our clients on the best choice for their business. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, the list is endless and we can help you make an informed decision.

It was also good to see that blogging is still highly valued. I’m a firm believer that blogging has the great potential to connect with customers and influencers. Twitter and Facebook are good for snippets of information and great for getting a discussion up and running, but good content on blogs shows customers that your brand knows its product and what matters to its customers. And as importantly, it helps with the search engine optimisation of your website.

You can find out more about the Paper on Twitter #SMBenchmark.