Social media insights from Katie Price at Pure London’s fashion event Working with a number of high profile fashion clients means we understand the importance of style and celebrity in today’s modern world. Attending the Pure London fashion event at London Olympia and Earls Court was a great opportunity to see the latest fashions on the catwalk, and to listen to celebrities, including Katie Price, discuss how fashion labels use today’s fast moving social media and digital marketing channels.

At the event, Katie Price was asked about her new fashion label Day 22 and its success, and how she uses Twitter to promote the brand. Katie said: “I have more people following me on Twitter than some magazines have.”

It just goes to show how powerful social media can be as many consumers perceive connecting with celebrity endorsed brands via Twitter as a direct link to the stars.

Katie also spoke about how immediate Twitter is; giving the example that when Paris Hilton was seen in a garment from Day 22, the buzz of excitement on Twitter meant it sold out in a flash.

We left Pure London full of inspiration.