Question2Back in the day, the stock definition to the question, “What is marketing?” was this:

“Meeting customer needs at a profit.”

Clear. Simple.

Marketing isn’t marketing unless it perfectly matches what customers want with what your company offers, as a win-win.

But I like this explanation, from marketing man and author, Seth Godin too:

“Everything we do is marketing – the name of things, the price of things, the way you answer the phones and the way you dress, the way the thing works. You’re judged on these things…”

Because marketing isn’t just the marketing work your marketing agency does for you. It’s the sum of what you make happen together.

With a creative marketing agency you’ll find that all the good things you do for customers are amplified. So that your good work, works even harder for you.

And where your know-how stops short of excellent for product naming, branding or web design, for example, a good agency will step in and do the hard work on your behalf.

If you ever need help to make more impact in your marketplace, then talk to us. We happily work alongside our customers fitting our service to their way of working. For some, we’ve been providing that flexible support for over ten years. For others we fix their marketing issues and they are happy to go solo again.

If we can help you, we’ll explain how with a clear price for the work. Then it’s up to you. There’s no hard sell. Because we hate that probably as much as you do.

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