We’ve been watching with interest to see if Pinterest, the pin board-style social photo sharing website from the US, would be a hit in the UK. And we’re pleased to see that it’s becoming very popular. Even Harrods is running a special Jubilee contest, inviting shoppers to compete for the opportunity to design one of their shop window displays, by creating a mood board using Pinterest.

We think it’s a creative way to share ideas and interests online as you can ‘pin’ image collections such as events, videos, hobbies and inspirations to share with others. You can even link it to Facebook and Twitter so you can integrate your existing social media sites, and it’s a real opportunity to display different areas of your brand.

It’s only launched a year ago, and its popularity is growing amongst ‘social’ products, including food and drink, wedding planning, shopping and photography. But we can see the potential for all sorts of brands and products to get involved – florists, accessories, video games, apps, designers – there’s a lot of potential.

Have a look at the Marketing Zone Pinterest and here are some others we’ve seen so far:

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