wordAs marketers we are smitten by the power of words. This year 800 Raconteur readers were asked to vote on the best 40 words in the English dictionary. In the survey, ’Love’ tops the list of favourites with ‘peace’ 5th and ‘hope’ 8th. Also in the top ten were more playful words like ‘kerfuffle’ in 9th place, denoting a commotion and in third place, ‘discombobulate’ meaning to confuse. Bizarrely ‘hippopotamus’ which is surely not the most useful or elegant word (or animal), made it to number 27. New word, ‘selfie’ came 39th out of 40.

Marketing Zone was delighted to see that the stalwart everyday words ‘yes’ and ‘please’ feature in the top 40, ranked 15th and 31st.

See the infographic from Raconteur