Content marketingContent marketing is a non-intrusive way to generate sales. By providing valuable, informative or entertaining content you can engage potential customers so that when they need to buy, your organisation is found and is front of mind.

To get started with your content strategy, first consider these points as part of the discovery phase:

  1. What content have you already got? Create an inventory of your organisations assets – web pages, documents, guides, pricelists, videos and so on – making a note of whether the information is accurate and relevant or requires updating or deletion.
  2. Who is your target online audience? Delve into any available stats and create profiles that describe ‘typical’ customers to make them real. This really helps to ensure you gear up your content to reflect their requirements.
  3. What barriers do you need to overcome? Is it their lack of awareness about the scope of your service, misconceptions about how difficult such products are to use, lack of technical knowledge perhaps?
  4. So what content do they want? Is it credential information, competitive comparisons, testimonials, white papers, video demonstrations, workshops, infographics, deals or some other form of content to gain their interest and ultimately their purchases.
  5. What are the content gaps? Try to identify the difference between the content you have and the content your customers need to satisfy their requirements and overcome barriers to sales.

By taking a look at where you are now you’re well on your way to creating a content strategy. Talk to Marketing Zone about creating an action plan for content marketing that will suit your business. Call Mark on 01763 274440, email or tweet @MarketingZoneUK.