A marketing company with a LionHeartA marketing company should always be focused on the future. And Marketing Zone is no exception. By looking ahead and keeping an eye on trends, we’re better equipped to help clients reach their goals and use innovation to their advantage. It’s exactly this interest in the future that prompted, Mark Ganellin, MD of Marketing Zone, to volunteer his time last Monday, July 1st to mentor young people taking part in the London and Inter-Regional Final of the LionHeart Challenge. The Lionheart Challenge is a programme that takes young people through a series of business challenges designed to hone their entrepreneurial skills and to encourage greater teamwork. Volunteers from a range of professional organisations and businesses help by donating time and knowledge. The final round asked young people to “to conceptualise, design and create a product or device which will become a major aid to fire prevention in the UK.”

Taking on the challenge
Each team had the morning to complete a detailed business plan covering product development, pricing, marketing, and budgets. “I was there as a mentor, to help teams when they needed clarity on marketing issues,” said Mark. “The teams were judged on a range of key criteria including the market potential, profit and loss accounting, product design and team performance. And that’s only a few of the areas the teams were scored on. They also had to complete a master plan, PowerPoint Presentation, an ICT mock-up, an ad, a research proposal and a team report. This project was a huge challenge, one where teamwork was absolutely essential,” he added.

Enthusiasm makes a difference
Working with young people is refreshing. And it’s important. After all some of them may become marketers, and they all deserve a chance to explore business as a career option. “I enjoyed their enthusiasm,” said Mark. “They were excited about what they doing and what they were learning. After working with young people, you can’t help but feel more energetic yourself.”