AppleApple is one of the biggest and most iconic brands in technology. And with the recent store opening in London’s Covent Garden attracting thousands of customers from across the world, queuing overnight to become one of the first to grace its presence, the devotion to the brand is huge.

If you’ve been watching the BBC Superbrands documentary, you’ll know that one of the key elements that contribute to Apple’s success today is its broad appeal.

According to youngsters if Apple were a person it would be someone in their early 20s who can relate to them and what they need for music, phoning, internet access and connectivity. For Apple this has been a lifeline and propelled the brand into iconic status. Those over thirty who have been using Apple products before they become so popular, are brand loyal because of Apple’s ease of functionality and design applications, not for its looks.

It’s a classic tale of a brand launched to a niche market with very specific product benefits that has widened the brand franchise to be relevant to this generation.