When your customers buy from you, their purchase decision is both a rational and an emotional one

Colour is important in appealing to the emotions. We use colour when we create brands and for the design of everything from point of sale leaflets to websites and exhibitions stands.

Here is an insight into the emotional associations we have with different colours

Whitepurity, peace, innocence, simplicity
Blackmodern, power, elegance, sophistication
Greyelegance, humility, respect, stability
Redexcitement, passion, strength, energy, love, speed
Bluetrust, calmness, reliability, confidence, conservatism
Greennature, health, good luck, vigour, generosity
Yellowhappiness, optimism, warmth, intelligence, idealism
Purplespirituality, creativity, royalty, wisdom
Orangebalance, enthusiasm, flamboyance
Brownrichness, stability, depth
Pinkgratitude, admiration, femininity, health

Leo Wildrich of Buffer says: “When we feel compelled to buy something, colour can play a major role.” The infographic shows how brands have used colour to align themselves with specific emotional responses.


Examples of colour in brand identities created by Marketing Zone:

Purple confers wisdom on the brand, because this independent standards body makes objective judgements on quality.

Black and yellow show the power and warmth of this electrical engineering company that makes sure the highways are well lit at night.

Green aligns this food safety service with everything that is natural and healthy.

Red with black provides an emotional cue to show this technologically advanced company is modern, exciting and sophisticated.

Blue communicates the strength and trustworthiness of this brand, which helps large companies to excel in their customer service.