When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook it’s interesting to wonder if he ever thought that it would shape the social networking frenzy that we are now part of. It started a trend among those wanting to link with friends, send messages and share personal updates. Since then it has grown and developed. The application to establish ‘groups’ can be set up quickly by companies, brands or the public. This has made social media an essential element of modern day marketing.

A recent study has shown that 56% of online shoppers join groups or ‘follow’ retailers on social media sites. Facebook has come out on top as the best way to reach the online shopping community, so it’s surprising that 25% of the top 100 brands can’t be easily found on this site or don’t have a page at all. This is such a wasted opportunity. It’s free and simple to set up a group, and for the relatively small investment in resources needed to keep it updated with news, it’s a cost effective way to spread the word about your product to interested people.

Take our word for it! Marketing Zone has its own Facebook page, as does our client Polaroid Sunglasses. And high street favourites such as Marks and Spencer and New Look are all communicating with their customers via Facebook, as are designer brands Gucci and Tiffany. People who join your group have an active interest in your product – so talk to them and drive your retail success forward.