Earlier this year a suspect package closed a major corporate headquarters building in Dublin for three days. Fortunately the incident was found to be a hoax and no lives were genuinely at risk. However, at a human level the emergency evacuation meant that some employees didn’t even have access to their house or car keys whilst the building was being searched. For the company itself, commercial losses ran into millions. If the incident had been a genuine terrorist package then the consequences could have been potentially devastating.

So when Pitney Bowes Management Services wanted to engage the most senior directors of the leading corporates in the UK they turned to Marketing Zone to drive the message home. We put together a direct marketing campaign using a protective facemask as part of the creative approach to the mail pack inviting business leaders to a strategic event at the Imagination Gallery in London. Together with list provision and telemarketing follow-up, our support enabled Pitney Bowes Management Services to concentrate on building relationships amongst their new high-profile contacts.