They’re just like regular graphics – but with a lot more info’!

Infographics are an excellent way of presenting quantitative research findings (or visualising any other data for that matter) in a way that is visually interesting and easy to understand. And because they are interesting they are excellent for sharing so they generate links back to your website and more page views.

To make the point, which of these two survey results is going to get the commentators waxing lyrical and linking to it? It has to be the infographic.

Standard presentation of survey findings vs Infographic on survey results
Standard presentation of survey findings vs Infographic on survey results

Infographic Marketing Confidence Monitor

Have you considered using infographics? They are a way of turning complex data into a coherent visual story which can be understood very easily and makes a point.

This infographic of the latest results from the Marketing Confidence Monitor is a great example. At a glance you can see the breadth of results across a range of related topics, including the fact that:

  • Business confidence amongst marketers has improved by 8%
  • Marketers in large organisations are the most upbeat with 44% reporting an improved outlook
  • 60% of marketers are prioritising customer retention activity.

The Arts Council gets its point across clearly with this infographic.

Arts Council infographic

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