3D is taking the UK by storm with 3D film blockbusters like Avatar and the launch of Tron: Legacy coming up on 17 December. That’s why this month Marketing Zone launched Polaroid’s 3D glasses collection online.

As Polaroid are the first 3D glasses manufacturer to have stock available in the UK, it was vital that we were hot off the mark to create the outlet for sales. By developing an ecommerce presence and positioning the collection as stylish and technically brilliant (which it is!) Orders are coming in thick and fast with cinema tie-ups due in spring.

Marketing Zone’s been working with Polaroid Eyewear since we re-launched the brand in 2007 when it had all but disappeared in the UK market. Now it’s recognised as a Top 3 brand at major airports and will be available in John Lewis and Fenwick’s from next year. That’s pretty fantastic progress in just three years, so let’s see where we can take 3D!