Exhibiting at a show is a major investment, and an opportunity to bring your organisation to life in the public arena. So it’s essential that your exhibition stand delivers the right message about your business. You must ensure that you position your business and products so that they stand out from the competition, and that you take every opportunity to make a positive impression when meeting potential customers face-to-face.

Strong design is essential
The presentation of your stand can make all the difference in creating the right impression for your organisation. Strong, straightforward design is an essential element we consider when producing exhibition stands for our clients.

CosterThis is a pop-up stand we recently created for Coster to showcase at the Packaging Innovations exhibition at The NEC, Birmingham. Coster designs, develops and manufactures injection moulded actuators, valves and pump dispensers for the pharmaceutical and personal care industry. Our strong branding and use of photographic imagery appeals to their clinical market. And the factual copy, at a height that can be read easily at a distance, means that Coster has a clear proposition displayed as they exhibit. It’s also good practice to have a website address or telephone number clearly displayed as part of your design, so that potential customers can note down your details at a glance.

Our stand for Coster comprises two modules joined together. This means it’s very flexible to use for other shows where either of the two stands and their graphics can be used for different sized spaces. This makes it a good commercial decision. When a fresh look is required, new graphics panels can be designed for the existing modular frames – flexibility is designed in.

Test before the show
You can see that Coster practiced putting up their stand in their warehouse before the show. We recommend this to our clients, as knowing that the graphic panels fit the modular stand perfectly and that you can put the stand up quickly and easily before you go to the show will help make the set-up process run more smoothly.

Show time
Exposure to your brand, generating new leads and relationship building can all lead to an increase in business. With the right design, and a skilled sales team, you have a strong foundation for a successful show.

More tips
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