photographyWhen it comes to marketing your business, pictures are more important than you might think. Here’s why.

On average, an adult can read 300 words of text per minute. That’s not too shabby. But an image can be understood in 13 milliseconds, according to scientists from the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT). That’s pretty swift. And it’s far faster than the 100 milliseconds it was previously thought to take.

So whilst some customers will read every word of your websites, emails, tweets and brochures, some won’t. Pictures provide a ready shortcut, allowing your marketing message to be understood.

Marketing software company, HubSpot, reports that content with appealing images and graphics can generate up to 94% more views and 37% more interaction. That means more enquiries and more sales.

We’ve got the picture. Marketing Zone creates brand imagery that builds businesses. We provide professional product shots taken in the studio and create lifestyle images with models on location. We craft graphic symbols to represent services and product portfolio wheels to summarise the entire product range. Add to that team pictures, charts, site shots and regular news images. We focus on getting the pictures right because the right imagery will improve your sales.

To get the visual side of your communications working harder for you call Mark on 07801 419800, email or tweet us @MarketingZoneUK