Great logo design gives you a brand identify that really fits your business – appropriate, compelling and memorable. Logo design is a thoughtful craft since a logo provides a visual summary of what you offer. It also provides emotional cues to communicate what the experience of using your product or service might be like to customers. Here we dissect business logos to reveal the importance of selecting the right font (or typeface as its formally known), when developing a successful logo design.

There are four main types of font used in logo design.
From hairdressing to high-tech energy management, see how fonts have been selected to represent these businesses with logo designs that give a visual identity to their brands.


Jo Morden Hair Design & chosen logo font – Avenir

What they do: Jo Morden Hair Design is a Hertfordshire hair salon which offers the latest in expert London styling with the warmth of a local welcome.

How they do it: Stylists and hair colourists are passionate about what they do, applying their expertise to create precision hair styles that make their clients happy.

Why this font? Avenir is a san-serif typeface that’s precise, modern and expresses human nature. This font was designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988 and launched by Linotype, which since became part of Monotype. Frutiger considers the quality of draughtsmanship to produce this font to be “my masterpiece”.

Avenir expresses the salon’s dedication to expert, precise hair style with a human touch. The word ‘avenir’ is French for future, which is apt because the salon prides itself on being able to offer the very latest colours, treatments and styles.


Buntingford Chamber of Commerce & chosen logo font – Garamond

What they do: This is a traditional Chamber of Commerce for the town of Buntingford in Hertfordshire. It works to promote business interests and the general prosperity for the town.

How they do it: The Chamber is a volunteer-run organisation that works with existing businesses and welcomes new ones, providing promotional opportunities and supporting many of the town’s annual events. It’s practical, encouraging and professional.

Why this font? Garamond is both friendly and credible, with its classic serif format. It’s one of a group of traditional serif typefaces originally created by French craftsman, Claude Garamond and other French engravers from the 16th century. Its readability makes it a popular font for books.

Garamond works for the Chambers logo because it communicates that the Chamber is a solid, credible organisation. The typeface confers instant heritage.


Ewepack & chosen logo font – Arial

What they do: Self-pack shipping service for individuals and households relocating abroad.

How they do it: The service is straightforward, helpful and easy to use. The service is split into different levels, to suit different amounts of goods to be shipped with clear information provided to enable customers to make their decisions.

Why this font? Arial is contemporary, straightforward and familiar. This sans serif typeface by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders was designed for Monotype in 1982. It’s widely used as a standard typeface on computers.

Using Arial for the logo design reflects the accessible, uncomplicated and straightforward nature of Ewepack’s service.


Skin Deep & chosen logo font – Houschka

What they do: Skin Deep is a high street beauticians which offers clients a range of treatments to help them look and feel great.

How they do it: Friendly, qualified beauticians provide a caring and expert service within a spotlessly clean, welcoming and relaxing environment.

Why this font? Houschka is a versatile, clean and approachable typeface. It was developed by Nick Cooke and released by his company G-Type, as a sans serif font.

It was chosen for Skin Deep’s logo design because the clean lines of its structure communicate the high professional standards of this practice, whilst its flowing design shows an eye for great aesthetics. A beauty salon’s brand identity should be beautiful – and this is.


Data Energy & chosen logo font – Eurostile

What they do: Data Energy provide an energy procurement and management service to Managing Agents who manage apartment blocks and commercial buildings.

How they do it: They provide gamechanging services that help their clients to benefit from the latest developments in heat supply, billing and technology.

Why this font? Eurostyle is a sans serif display font that’s innovative, technical and futuristic. It was created by Aldo Novarese in 1962, for the leading Italian company Neiolo. The cube-like lettering is popular for science fiction artwork. As a display font, it works well for headlines and signs.

Eurostyle communicates the innovative and forward-looking stance of the Data Energy brand. It’s uncluttered, fresh and modern.


Marketing Zone & chosen logo font – Rockwell

What we do: Websites, design and marketing that encourage people to click, call and buy.

How we do it: The service mixes analytical and creative thinking to develop great ideas. We turn these ideas into practical marketing activity. Marketing Zone works alongside clients to deliver creative marketing support including branding and logo design.

Why this font? Rockwell is scientific, playful and bold. It was developed in-house by Monotype in 1934, as a geometric serif style display typeface. With its blocky feel it’s most often used for attention grabbing headlines.

It was selected for its drama, because it’s visually arresting. It also exemplifies the blend of creative and analytical thought which goes into every marketing project.

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