Every year brings a new colour trend to the fore. This year expect to see brands, products, hotels, clothing and homes awash with deep violet, as Pantone announced Ultra Violet Pantone© 18-3838 as its Colour of the Year 2018.

According to the Pantone colour gurus, “Conveying originality and ingenuity, the magical Ultra Violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues.”

The pre-eminence of purple follows on from the neon brights of the 1980s, the earthy terracotta tones of the 1990s and the pastels of the 2000s. For interiors, grey became the new white in the 2010s and many brands looked to nature to express their true colours, with the 2017 colour of the year being the vibrant ‘Greenery’ shade.

For Hertfordshire-based energy procurement and management brand, Data Energy, Marketing Zone combined shades of violet and green to create a standout brand identity that’s different from the competition and reflects the brand’s values of service and integrity. The words of some of Data Energy’s customers illustrate the power of this service brand as an independent, informed and reliable partner, reinforced by this choice of logo colours:

“When you manage a residential building, you have got to get it right with electricity and gas supplies. Data Energy’s procurement service stands up to everyone’s scrutiny. They even understand that we must avoid extended contracts.”

“I know I can ask anything – about trends, heating technologies, renewables, smart meters – and they will help. That’s why we have a strong, well thought out energy strategy, for our properties.”

“Utility companies are monolithic corporations. Data Energy were our David to take on Goliath, problem solved!”

Certainly, psychologists would contend that purple tones evoke spirituality, creativity, reference to royalty and wisdom. It’s used by brands as an uplifting marker that conveys independence, mindful awareness and a certain reliable gravitas.


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