Is your email open rate good enoughEmail open rates and click-through rates vary enormously. What should you expect?

How does your business compare to the UK average and to other businesses in your sector. Here is the latest benchmark figure for small and medium companies, which are the majority of UK businesses.

Email performance Open % Click %
UK SMEs 22.87% 3.26%

Source: Sign-Up.To ‘UK Email Benchmarking Results’ based on over 1.5bn emails.

Ultimately it depends on the quality of your email list and a well crafted, well timed email. The right subject line makes a significant difference.

Performance varies by sector too. These statistics from MailChimp cover businesses of all sizes.

Industry Open % Click %
Business and Finance 32.6% 3.1%
eCommerce 22.2% 2.9%
Education and training 36.1% 3.4%
Health and fitness 32.2% 3.3%
Insurance 43.7% 2.8%
Legal 38.3% 3.6%
Manufacturing 48.1% 4.1%
Medical, dental and healthcare 30.9% 3.1%
Pharmaceuticals 36.7% 3.7%
Professional services 39.0% 3.2%
Recruitment and staffing 23.1% 4.5%
Retail 31.0% 3.4%
Software and web app 32.6% 2.7%
Telecommunications 32.6% 2.8%

Source: MailChimp Email Marketing Benchmarks

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