You’ve created a strategic email marketing campaign that’s whizzing its way through cyber space to your customers’ inboxes. So what happens next?

Do you want to know to know how well your campaign is doing compared to your competitors? Or do you want to find out who’s getting the best results from their email marketing? Well now you can.

Check-out this useful report based on the results for over 200 million email marketing messages. They were all sent from small-medium sized UK businesses across 23 different industry sectors, and sent via the email marketing platform during the first six months of 2010.

Right now the government sector is getting twice the open rates of the education and training industry, and publishing has the least to worry about in terms of unsubscription rates.

Marketing Zone is delivering great email results for our customers. Reports like this keep us on our toes. It’s always good to know how your email marketing campaign compares to competitor promotions so take a look.