At Marketing Zone we are heavy users of marketing software and office management tools. There are thousands of them and we use the best that we’ve tried and tested. Now some of these have been turned into apps. They make our service more efficient. You might like some of them too.

Here are our current favourites.

This is a great url checker – for finding out whether a domain name is available. With the app you can do this wherever you are.



It’s great for sharing files. We use Dropbox amongst the team and clients find it especially useful to see the latest images and artwork we’ve created. Image files are often too big for company email systems to accept.



This web tool brings together other tools in one place. We use it to benchmark how well websites are designed for SEO.


When we’ve run an email campaign on behalf of a client using the MailChimp web tool we like to keep track of the campaign results in realtime and ensure we take whatever follow-up action is required.


Doing the work is fine. But the job isn’t finished until our clients can get their hands on the materials we produce. So when we make important deliveries – such as new product brochures, leaflets and exhibition stands – it’s good to know that they have been signed for.


With this app you can pay money to a mobile phone account and receive payments from theirs. Some small businesses prefer to pay us this way because it’s so easy.


This nifty survey tool can be used on the go with this app. We can set up surveys wherever we happen to be working – the office, the train or even a coffee shop between meetings.



It’s easy to pay for car parking by phone when you’re dashing for the train, with no need to search for coins or find the ticket machine.


It knows where you are and can direct you to where you want to be. Perfect for finding meeting destinations.



What a great Ronseal name. This app does what it says. Its good for getting to business meetings on time. And ideal to ensure we don’t miss the last train back from London!


It’s great to have the ability to tweet from the phone on client twitter accounts as necessary. Of course you can tweet from your desk-top computer, but this is one instance where the app came first.


This app is useful to calculate the postage required for a parcel. As we send out product samples to journalists and small packages to our clients this is a handy tool.


This is a hugely popular content management system. We use it for many client websites because of its versatility. This app allows us to edit the WordPress websites we’ve created on the move. Perfect if for instance there is an urgent price update to make.