PPCFor a website to work well it needs visitors who will engage with your brand, be persuaded by your offering and buy your products or services. No traffic = no enquiries or sales.

You could build your online profile and optimise your website so that you are found more readily in the free (organic) listings when people search online. But this Search Engine Optimisation takes time and effort. While Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will cost you in hard cash, it offers an alternative approach for getting results – fast.

Our helpful guide will take you through what you need to know about:

  1. Keywords – the holy grail of keywords are those with high volumes, high intent and low competition!
  2. Bid price & budget – decide on the value of keywords and set your overall budget so there are no surprises
  3. Campaign settings – learn about your perfect match – an exact keyword match or a broad match
  4. Ad relevancy – your ad should flow from your keywords so a search for industrial premises in Cambridge’ should lead to an ad about ‘Cambridge industrial premises’
  5. Landing pages – when people click on your ad, they should reach a tailored landing page or a highly relevant website page
  6. Re-marketing – an approach that allows you to target your ads based on past visitors to your site
  7. Tracking and refining PPC – review performance in the light of your goals and adjust your campaigns

Read the guide to find out 7 things that everyone ought to know about PPC ads.

Or see how we helped DMG Delta with a website, SEO and management of their PPC advertising.

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