Named after King Harold, Harold’s Park Farm in Nazeing, Essex is a busy livery yard and farm with 60 acres of ancient woodland. Its woodland regeneration work under Forestry Commission guidance means that the farm produces plenty of logs. Marketing Zone was called in to partner with our friends at Meredith Marketing and build a dedicated website to sell these logs to customers in Essex and Hertfordshire. The website we built has been a sell-out success.

How did we create the website?

harold-imacMarketing Zone was briefed on the website objectives and provided with wording and core images of their logs. Our role for this project was solely focused on building the website.

  • Sourcing complementary imagery we created an overall look and feel for the Harold’s Park firewood and logs business to match the brief from Meredith Marketing and their environmentally responsible client.
  • Whereas some websites showcase services in a long decision-making process, the website we created for Harold’s Park is all about selling logs now.
  • The website navigation is deliberately simple. You can click to buy, right on the homepage. Four types of logs feature prominently on the homepage together with upfront prices. Further prompts across the site lead to making a sale.
  • Marketing Zone set up a quick order form to streamline the buying process and provide Harold’s Park with everything they needed to take an order, without having to pick up the phone.
  • We embedded a Google map to show the farm’s rural location and to make it easier for customers who prefer to collect their logs to make the decision to buy.
  • The website is built using a responsive design which means that it reformats to suit whichever device the customer is using whether that’s a small smartphone screen or a large desktop PC. So it’s easy to use when customers are on the go.

harold-iphoneDid the new dedicated website work?

Yes! In the autumn/winter season of 2015-16, Harold’s Park sold their entire stock of logs.

For the first time the order process was automated, with orders received via the website saving time and hassle. Because of the outdoor nature of running a farm, this was a huge benefit since it’s never easy to answer the phone and take notes when out and about.

Online ordering provided an additional benefit. Harold’s Park has created a database of customers which is a valuable asset. They can now email their customers to let them know when the next season’s logs are available, giving sales a welcome kick-start.

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