When it comes to marketing for your business, seasonal events such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, with the love and goodwill they evoke, can be great opportunities. But what about events like Halloween?

Do you love the ghoulish chance to win-over new customers? Or do you hate everything about it, including trick or treaters with their persistent door-knocking? We’ve put together 7 great examples of Halloween marketing for you to view, and decide, if you dare.

Our Halloween marketing top 7   


Tesco Halloween: Introducing Spookermarket


Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank | Escape | Ford



So Real It’s Scary

Candy Kittens

The Scariest Vending Machine in London this Halloween!

Pizza Hut

How to Win at Halloween


Heart & Stroke Foundation



SNICKERS® – Horseless Headsman


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