The Third Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference was held at Duxford, Cambridgeshire – home to the Imperial War Museum and its fantastic collection of old aeroplanes. It really was the perfect place to discuss the latest advances in the digital arena. At one time, the aeroplanes we looked at weren’t part of history, but the very latest technology.

The conference kicked off with a warm welcome from Terry Nicklin, Chairman of the Cambridge branch of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. From there, the different discussions went on to address key points in the fast-moving world of digital marketing. From email marketing to the newest ideas on using mobile phones and bringing on line and off line marketing into unison. Essential new marketing ideas were introduced and discussed.

Mark Ganellin, MD at Marketing Zone attended the conference. He said, “I had a great day and met some interesting people. What really struck me is how much the whole marketing industry is changing. Consumers don’t necessarily want to listen to ads or read what a company has to say. They might prefer seeing what a blogger thinks about a product. Or, they could ask a question on a forum and see what other people who share their community have to say. Customers are having their own conversations. And they’re putting their trust in new media. The same thing is also happening in the business-to-business arena.  The challenge for marketers is finding ways to join conversations and open up businesses  to new customers. We do a lot with social marketing at Marketing Zone. And I definitely see the entire field growing – along with the tools we use to measure how blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter are all working. This is an exciting field for our clients to get involved in.”