Marketing agency Marketing Zone Hertfordshire Twitter AnalyticsTwitter has the power to share information about your brand and business to millions of people. Twitter can share content, engage with potential customers and drive traffic to your website. But a question often asked is ‘how can I measure the amount of traffic that Twitter sends to my website?’ Marketing Zone can help you.

We manage Twitter accounts for our clients, and believe it’s an essential part of a social media plan. It’s the perfect place for finding out what customers are saying about your brand, and making connections to encourage return interest. Using Twitter analytics software, Marketing Zone can accurately track which of your tweets drive the most traffic to your website. What’s more we can suggest reasons why and offer practical solutions to deliver the best results.

Using Twitter analytics, we can:

  • Produce a graph displaying the number of @mentions, follows and unfollows you receive per month
  • Show a detailed list displaying recent tweets to track themes
  • Determine the number of times a person has favourited, replied or retweeted your tweet
  • See who has clicked on a link in a tweet to gauge direct referrals back to your website
  • Analyse follower demographics and their potential audience to see the possible reach for how many people may have seen your tweet in their feeds
  • Send you a CSV or Excel file of the results for your records.

Let Marketing Zone guide you through Twitter analytics. Call Mark or tweet @MarketingZoneUK