headline-grabbingGreat advert headlines grab attention. Teamed with tuned-in copy and appealing design, great headlines make your offering stand out.

It takes creativity to craft a great headline. Here are some approaches.

Ask for the outcome you want, give benefits
Invest in rental property and enjoy £2,000 a month in extra retirement income
Make 20% more commission by joining our team
Travel the world and the insurance is free – book your ticket before 10 March.

Make it intriguing
Three surprising reasons why they’ll be glad you made a will
How to cut your office energy costs by 20% without really trying
Would you know if pet odours were keeping your friends away?

Announce the news
New store opens in town next week and parking is free
A revolutionary technique for learning a language in just 6 weeks
The fast new way to move house without estate agent fees

Offer discounts and freebies
Switch to green energy sources and we’ll refund your initial audit costs
Free seminar on the latest trends in retail technology
20% off when you buy buildings and contents insurance

Stir up emotions
Always feel tongue tied in company?
Just £2 a month to protect the ones you love
Staff issues getting you down?

Focus on the problem
Is your daily commute costing too much?
Don’t miss a triathlon medal because footwear changes lose you vital seconds.
What a headache! Finding the right conference venue at the right price is far from simple.

Fix the problem
If your car breaks down this emergency service will keep you moving.
Not enough hours in the day to keep fit? Think again with 1-minute workouts!
Fed up of feeling tired? This meditation course will supercharge your energy levels.

Talk with empathy
Don’t you just hate looking foolish. Learn to master embarrassing situations with these tricks.
Wish you could still party like the old you?
I never thought I’d get a degree…but then people like me don’t think they can, do they?

Guarantee good things
Find your ideal partner within 6 months or we’ll refund your membership.
I promise you’ll notice a difference in 2 weeks or your money back
20% lower cost – guaranteed – on all mechanical equipment while stock lasts

That’s just a few ways to create a headline. Of course a headline alone isn’t enough. For consumer and trade ads with impact, talk to Marketing Zone. When you need to edit your existing advertising artwork Marketing Zone can help too. We can update your ad and ensure artwork is produced in the correct size and format. And for online advertising we write headlines and copy based on important search terms, for Pay Per Click campaigns.

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