Ever heard the expression, dropped a bomb?

It’s not every day a client literally leaves you shell-shocked! But that’s exactly what happened when Richard Bamforth, owner of Abbey Building Services & Maintenance, relayed a recent startling discovery to us.

Richard’s building company is based in Stevenage and we’ve worked with him for a number of years, launching his website and providing professional lead generation marketing. It was whilst Richard was developing a home extension for a new client in St Albans that he made a startling discovery.

Now, it’s quite normal when digging down beneath an existing building for Richard and his team to come across all sorts of material – concrete, rocks, soil, even the odd coin or key. But on this occasion, as his team set to work digging into the land beneath the property, they discovered a strangely shaped metal object just under the dining room floor. Suspecting a World War Two explosive, Richard’s team acted quickly and the Police and a Ministry of Defence bomb squad were called to the property.

The threat was taken very seriously and the Police instructed neighbours to shut their windows and to stay away. Neighbouring roads were closed whilst the bomb disposal experts x-rayed the device and took it away for further investigation.

The resident has since learnt that there was a lot of rubble used for the foundations which came from Blitz sites.

It just proves that when you are in business life is never dull and our clients inspire us every day with their quick thinking and professionalism.

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