AwardWho needs the World Cup? Not us. The Champions League trophy? Forget it!
Marketing Zone’s Mark has been awarded a trophy for ‘total dedication and commitment’ from Buntingford Cougars Youth Football Club. So, maybe it’s not for his prowess on the pitch, but Mark has been Treasurer for the Club for over ten years. And just as he decided to step down this year to let another local enthusiast take over the helm, they only went and made him Vice President – so there’s no escaping! And good job too as Mark really enjoys volunteering for the town’s team as community is important to Marketing Zone.

Buntingford Cougars is an FA Charter Standard Club, with 250 children of all ages playing football each week, led by volunteer coaches and managers. Home matches are played at many sites in the town, including The Bury, and last year, a Cougars team won the Hertfordshire County Cup Final, a first for the Club. You can see their latest fixtures on the website Marketing Zone sponsors and manages for the Club.

With Mark as their Treasurer, the Club’s finances improved no end. From originally needing to fundraise to support 70% of their income to meet the clubs expenses for pitches and referees, they now only need to fundraise to gain a more manageable 20% of their overall income. That’s a great achievement.

Now, with finances in very good order for the club going forward, Mark’s pleased to hand over his red-hot calculator to another well-respected local man!