Marketing Zone celebrates 18 years in businessIt’s 1st April 2015. And a milestone date for Marketing Zone. It’s our 18th birthday. So Mark, Dee and the team would like to wish all our customers a big “Thank you!” for choosing to work with us over the years.

If Marketing Zone was a person it could now:

  • Vote at 18, as the voting age was reduced from 21 in 1969
  • See an 18-rated movie even if there’s swearing or scary stuff.
  • Buy alcohol provided it has photo-ID to prove its age.

So we’ll celebrate by voting in the May General Election, taking in an action film and enjoying a cold beer. Wild.

All the form-filling needed to set up the company back in 1997 is a distant memory. Our focus is on the websites, design and marketing that contributes to the value of your business. From Day 1 to Year 18, it’s always been about what marketing can help you to achieve.