Those of you following this blog may know that I trained for the London Asics 10k run held on July 12, 2009. It was my first ever running race. I completed it in one hour and four minutes and I raised close to £500 for Paralympics UK. It was a good race. I couldn’t have run faster, but I could definitely have run further. Here I am with Nelson.

I enjoyed the training – I did a mixture of things including cycling, running and playing football. I even went swimming. For me, the key to training was variety. Using different muscle groups and meeting up with different people kept me keen – and ready to push myself. Doing the same thing over and over just doesn’t work for me. Even when I do my runs, I like to try out new routes. It’s more challenging and more interesting.

My work is like that. Marketing Zone is a marketing communications agency. And that means we work a range of different clients in different fields. Every client is a fresh challenge and each one of them has a different strategy – one that’s aimed at their specific target audience. One day, we spend the entire time discussing engineering and refining our pay-per-click terms. The next everyone is talking about autumn fashion trends and where all the best blogs are. In part of the office, there’s a designer putting the finishing touches on a website. In another corner the copywriter is asking questions about keywords. There’s always several projects at different stages of completion. It’s challenging and no two days are the same – which is exactly the way I like it.

Maybe I’m ready to start training for another race. This time it will have to be a triathlon. Variety and challenges both in one race. Perfect!