For two days I will be working at Marketing Zone as part of a work experience scheme run by my school; Freman College. Today was my first day. Anxious to make a good impression, I had been wearing what Mark Ganellin had described as appropriate, “Smart but casual, but not too casual and maybe a bit more smart.”

My day in the office began with a briefing, around the one-hour and a half mark. This included a power-point presentation accompanied by a croissant. I was very happy as the power-point presentation had obviously been made for the sole purpose of my induction to the company, and I had forgotten to eat breakfast, so a fresh croissant was perfect. I was assigned tasks during this presentation to complete during the period I was to stay. I managed to complete four of the seven tasks in the first day by working as a team with the other student doing work experience at Marketing Zone, Jake.

We had an hour lunch break in which we were even allowed to change into something cooler, like shorts, which was very kind of Mark. After our break Jake and I made some labels to put on some boxes we had made up for people who had won a competition run by Marketing Zone to boost Polaroid’s PR. After working together the next task was complete. The prize was a pair of Roxy sunglasses with a cleaning cloth in a case. They were placed in a perfectly folded box with a congratulations sticker on the interior and two stamps, a delivery address, return address and were then taped up. Then I had to move onto writing a blog about my day here.