On Tuesday I started work by being given a brief by Dee Twomey to create some imaginative ideas for some movie clips about Polaroid Sunglasses. Jake and I shared filming and acting roles in this challenge. We brainstormed various ideas for the task in hand and then went out on location.

First, armed with only a small digital video device, a children’s go-cart and the beautiful surroundings we did video number one. We then collected a bike and some skates and headed to the park and skate ramps. This was fun as it harnessed our talent in our hobbies.  We did various other video clips using the bike and skates and also we realised our talent for creative ideas when we thought of incorporating the idea of walking into a wall to show how Polarization can help vision.

We took a lunch break and met up with a friend. We made lots of jokes and shared our experience of work experience so far in our chosen workplaces. Our friend was jealous of what we had been doing so far that morning, even though he wouldn’t admit it directly.

When we returned to the office we uploaded our mornings work and began editing them and compiling some of them to make film clips. We had a lot of fun doing this and I believe the videos will be uploaded to Facebook at some point in the near future.