It’s my second day working here at Marketing Zone and to say today was fun, is in all honesty, an understatement. Me and my work experience partner: Louis, have been out this morning making viral ads for Polaroid Sunglasses. At the start of the day we had a few ideas as to what we would do in these short commercials, we wrote these down and set off out on location to start filming. First we travelled down to pick up a few essentials for our premier advertisement shoot, e.g. a children’s go-kart and some Polaroids.  These may sound like an odd combination, but together they made making the video fun and with its moments of hilarity. Our plan was to create a spoof driving sequence to promote the sunglasses, so we set about choosing a location and setting up the shots.

After trying hard to set up everything perfectly in its place, Louis drove down in the tiny go-kart, pulled a skid, mentioned how good driving in Polaroids was and then drove of into the distance. Now as you can probably tell from the comical nature of this clip it was hard not to laugh while filming, but after a few attempts we had got it nailed.

When we arrived back at the office after lunch, we set straight to work on editing some of our clips; of course the driving one being the favourite of ours, we knuckled down on that one first. After a few technical hitches and a lot of work we had finished filming and editing our first viral ad. Hopefully you will see it out somewhere on the World Wide Web in the not too distant future.

I will have another blog post tomorrow but until then goodbye.