When I arrived today, on the fourth day of my work experience, I sat at a different desk as I normally do. I used a laptop to open the spreadsheet I had done already and found another website which had lots of businesses that I could add to it. When I had finished, I started adding more detailed information about sunglasses and how companies advertise them. Some of the information was hard to find as there were not many official video clips. Also, I typed out a sheet showing the uses of different sunglass lenses, so it could be edited by someone to put on a website later on.

After a while I moved on to finding out information about how sunglasses can help to prevent migraines as every month there is a blog about it for Polaroid. This information was quite hard to find because most of the websites had the same facts or completely different answers to questions about migraines, although I did learn a lot. And lastly I made a results spreadsheet for a survey on what brand of sunglasses the public have. There were over 2000 results! I had to write down the name of each brand and recorded a number next to each one according to which brands people have.

Tomorrow will be my last day here at Marketing Zone and I may be doing a photo shoot with some basket ball players. I shall have to wait and see!